DRI-ROD Dehumidifying Rod

DRI-ROD Dehumidifying Rod

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DR-12 12'' Small Safes (2-25 scf)
DR-18 18'' Medium Safes (15-50 scf) / Medium Closet
DR-24 24'' Large Safes (35-65 scf) / Large Closet
DR-36 36'' Vault Rooms / Pianos
DR-48 48'' Large Vault Rooms / Grand Pianos



 *If the safe is in a high moisture area (garage / basement), it is important that you buy the next size up to accommodate the moisture.

DRI-ROD Function:

The DRI-ROD dehumidifying rod helps lower humidity levels by warming the air. This increase in temperature will cause the air to circulate within the safe, thereby preventing damage associated with moisture.

The rod works off a rather simple principle. The rod will heat up to a surface temperature of 125°F and circulates warm air throughout the enclosure. The warm air rises, while the cool air drops.

With this constant air circulation process, it eliminates musty smells and dampness and the content in the safe, closet or other enclosure will be protected from rust, mildew etc., as well as dries out any moist air within the safe.

DRI-ROD Installation:

The DRI-ROD Dehumidifying Rod should be installed in a low horizontal position, mounted to the side wall 6-8 inches from the floor. They can also be set or placed horizontally on the bottom of the safe or closet.

*Included in the package are mounting brackets and screws if needed.

Electricity Consumption:

Most of our units only draw 7 watts or 10 watts, and costs only pennies a day to run.

DRI-ROD Safety:

The DRI-ROD dehumidifier is unique in that it is made of unbreakable materials. No glass tubes are used in our manufacturing process.