The DRI-ROD functions off a rather simple principle of warm air rising. The rod will heat up to a surface temperature of 125°F (+-10°F) and circulate warm air throughout any moisture filled area. The heated air rises and pushes the heavier moist air to the bottom. As the DRI-ROD removes the moisture and circulates the air inside it provides a perfect environment to store your valuables.


Gun Safes & Vault Rooms

The DRI-ROD dehumidifying rod is ideal for gun safes and vault rooms.  Place the DRI-ROD on the floor or near the bottom of the safe. The rod will heat up to about 125 degrees comparable to a very hot day in the desert.  The warm air rises and circulates in the safe protecting your valuables from excess moisture damage.

The DRI-ROD only uses 7 to 10 watts costing only pennies a day to run.

Safes: Protect your valuable pictures, coins, and important documents from damage caused by excess moisture.

Gun Safes: DRI-ROD will protect your valuable guns and pistols form moisture damage by circulating the air in the safe and reducing the moisture.

Safety Deposit Boxes: Protect your valuables and documents from moisture damage.

Coin Safes: Protect your coins from moisture damage.

Model Size Application
DR-12 12" Small Safes (2-25scf)
DR-18 18"

Medium Safes (15-50scf) / Medium Closet

DR-24 24" Large Safes (35-65scf) / Large Closet
DR-36 36"

Vault Rooms / Pianos

DR-48 48'' Large Vault Rooms / Grand Pianos

*If the safe is in a high moisture area (garage / basement) it is important that you buy the next size to accommodate the moisture.


Storage Areas

DRI-RODs are ideal for

  • Storing your seasonal clothing.
  • Protecting your clothes and valuables.
  • Placing anywhere to get rid of moisture that permeates clothes and valuables with odor and mold.

DRI-RODs are small and compact dehumidifiers that are suitable for closets, under sinks, small RV restrooms, and under carriage storage bins.

It protects from mold, mildew and moisture.

Unlike many other products on the market, DRI-ROD's are maintenance free, no need to change or recharge them.

For only pennies a day in electricity the DRI-ROD is ideal for...

Closets: DRI-ROD dehumidifier will keep the moisture levels down so that your clothes stay free of damage and odors caused by excess moisture.

Offices/Supply Closets: Perfect to help reduce moisture buildup on your valuable electronics and paper documents.

Bathrooms/Laundry Rooms: DRI-ROD helps the air to circulate as the warmer air will rise to remove excess moisture from vapor related activities thus allowing your clothes to dry faster.

Bedrooms: With the DRI-ROD will help to keep the air moving so that risk of allergies is less prevalent.

Vacation Homes: The DRI-ROD will help to keep the air circulating and eliminate moisture and only costing pennies a day will help to keep odor out of your vacation home.

Musical Instruments: DRI-ROD will prevent damage and corrosion caused by excess moisture.

Storage Spaces: Protect your valuables such as clothes, furniture, and electronics from moisture.



Boats, RVs & Campers

The DRI-ROD dehumidifier can be used in many different applications to protect your prized investments.

In boats they can be put in all areas such as the engine room, closets, electronics or storage in your boat to help remove moisture that over time will cause damage.

While RV’s and campers are not under the same conditions but if you keep your RV or camper stored for winter use DRI-RODs to keep them free of moisture damage.

They are great to put in your cabinets to keep food fresh and free from moisture damage also in the bathroom or sink area where over time moisture buildup can lead to corrosion.

Stored Boats/RVs/Classic Cars: Will protect your interiors by reducing the moisture and preventing odor and moisture buildup.

Protect your investment with DRI-ROD dehumidifiers.