Why Isn't My DRI-ROD Heating Up?

If the DRI-ROD does not heat up within about 15 minutes re-install the plug as outlined on the packaging.


Should The DRI-ROD Be Placed On A Surge Protector?

Yes. Placing the DRI-ROD On A Surge Protector Allows For Safest Operation.


Why Would I Use A DRI-ROD?

DRI-ROD is the best way to insure moisture and mildew will not damage or destroy your valuables. Many times an individual will store something of value in a high moisture area - unknown to the owner - the moisture trapped along side the items will either damage or destroy the valued possessions. The DRI-ROD will help eliminate the moisture and protect the valuable contents from being ruined.


How Does The DRI-ROD Dehumidifying Rod Work?

The DRI-ROD Dehumidifying Rod works off a rather simple principle. First, the rod will create a stable environment inside the storage area thus, reducing changes in temperature and minimizing moisture. Second, the rod keeps air circulating in your confined area. As the air is warmed by the, DRI-ROD, the warm air will rise and the damp air, as it expands, is forced out of the area thus creating a stable more stable environment.


How Do You Install The DRI-ROD?

The DRI-ROD Dehumidifying Rod should be installed in a low horizontal position, mounted to the floor or a side wall 3-6 inches from the floor. The DRI-Rod can also be set or placed horizontally on the bottom or the safe or closet. Included in the package are mounting brackets and screws if needed.


Is The DRI-ROD Designed For Continuous Operation?

Yes. The DRI-ROD Dehumidifying Rods can be operated 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We strongly recommend the DRI-ROD to be placed on a surge protector, this ensures the maximum life of your heating rod.


Is It Safe To Use A DRI-ROD?

The DRI-ROD dehumidifier is unique in that the DRI-ROD is made of unbreakable materials. No glass tubes or plastic components are used in our manufacturing process.


How Hot Does A DRI-ROD Get?

All the rods are tested and have a surface temperature of about 125°F. At this temperature the rod will not damage any of the contents of your storage.


How Much Electricity Will The DRI-ROD Use?

Most of our units only draw 7 watts or 10 watts, and costs only pennies a day to run.


Can I Become A Dealer For DRI-ROD?

We are always looking for new dealers. If you would to become a dealer, please fill out the form on the Become A Dealer page.